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Aquarela de sexta a noite.

(…) what we refer to as ‘the death of freelance illustration as we know it’.
If the word illustration at your school means editorial illustration in the sort of 80’s and 90’s “edium” (?) that is a problem!
Illustration is still a valuable term. It is an incredible valuable term. It just has to be a far more versatile term now… because otherwise we are in trouble.

Chris Oatley, from Sarah Marino interview. Available on:

marine life and deep sea studies for a soon to come illustration. this one was for a contest in germany. fingers crossed! (:

Illustrations for a game launched in UOL Economy in 2012. I was cleaning my HD last week and decided to post some stuff here for the record

Another illustration made for UOL News - it was used to refer to an article about marriage ceremonies broadcasted by streaming to friends and family. 

sketch of an Illustration made for UOL News some time ago. found it on the backup and decided to post the process here for the record. 

this was dancing below my keyboard at work for a month, so i decided to scan it and post it, cause i like some of those dudes. The dreamy on the left was actually drawn in another sheet of paper, but i cut pasted it all together. i’m reading sandman in the right order for the first time in life, so characters are really fresh in mind lately (:

Illustration for UOL News - Economy, talking about the Black Friday and the customers that don’t trust on the market promotions.

Hey there! Lots going on here! No time for updates, but in the short break i would like to leave a little taste of what i’ve been doing lately. It’s a zombie comic. More info soon (: